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(English) 21 STEPS TO CHANGE

     Mai 29, 2015

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(English) “In the past our glorious visions of the future – heaven, paradise, nirvana – were thought to happen after death. The newer thought is that we do not have to die to get there.”  (Marx-Hubbard, Barbara – Conscious Evolution)

Desculpe-nos, mas este texto esta apenas disponível em Inglês (Eua).


1 comentário

  1. Heartfelt gratitude and a genuine Thank You for the Inspiration of your Im magazine!
    BEautiuful work you are doing, a Gift to Humanity, to help us all recognize WeRone,
    We All Matter & we have the tools within each of us; to shine brilliantly as a star, while simultaneously shining as the diversity of Constellations, Galaxies of the sky; the Great I AM!

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