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     Jan 9, 2014

global voices

What happens when millions of voices gain a powerful echo?

Global Voices Online (GVO) is part of the Global Citizens Media Project, created by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, and which aims to study and understand the impact of the internet on society.

Global Voices Online aims to echo the voices of the millions of people who put information on the internet and react to world events by expressing opinions and generating worldwide conversation networks. In 2006, the project began with a blog with just two authors writing about the world from the perspective of Internet users. More contributors quickly joined and, thus, was formed the current international network, which includes more than two hundred voluntary authors, editors and regional translators. The work process includes a analysis of the most-discussed topics on social networks, and these are then covered, journalistically, by the teams in various languages.

Following the idea of amplifying the voices of citizens, Rising Voices appeared in 2007, directed at marginalized communities, and with the hopes of promoting communication between these individuals and with the rest of the world. Rising Voices does this through providing online tutorials and increasing the means by which free and open source tools can be accessed and used for personal expression.

Similarly, during the same year, Advocacy Global Voices Online was also launched in order to build an anti-censorship platform for bloggers and online activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression, and free and unrestricted access to information online.

Currently, the Global Voices Online project is made up of 27 websites written in several different languages, and is undergoing preparations to launch another 10. Regularly updated content means that anyone can access the Global Voices sites, and hear different voices of the world and what they are saying now.


To learn more about this initiative and the testimony of one of the authors at Global Voices Online, read the article previously published in IM Magazine (with text and design by blogger Sara Moreira and Rui Matos).



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