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     Sep 12, 2014

This Here is how you can help stray animals and, as if this wasn’t enough, save the planet at the same time.

The streets of Istanbul are filled with cats and dogs that have no one to take care of them… No family or human friend that can feed them and stroke them. Two distinct questions arise from this issue:: why are people abandoning their pets?;  and what can I do for these poor little  creatures? From these simple contemplations resulted a simple solution: Pugedon.


What appears to be a vending machine is, in fact, a food dispensary for stray animals, that they can activate themselves. How does it work? It’s actually really easy – you just put a plastic bottle into the machine for recycling and it will dispense a portion of food into a bowl.  You can also pour water into the machine so that these animals can have a drink  as well. See for yourself here.


This uncomplicated idea can  both keep the streets clean and raise people’s awareness of environmental issues. But, the way we see it, people are not only recycling plastic, they are also helping an animal friend-in-need and, hopefully, realizing that these creatures are not to be abandoned. Animals are to be loved. 


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