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     Oct 8, 2014


The healing power of words.

Did you know words can help repair and revitalize our bodies as well as our minds?

Bibliotherapy, or the healing power of reading, is becoming ever more popular and is being prescribed by doctors and psychologists,  in a diverse range of cases. Its effectiveness has been well proven in clinical trials. For example, research has shown that patients suffering from borderline personality disorder engage less frequently and less severely in self-harm when their therapy involves reading.

In the UK, Bibliotherapy has even been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a useful starting point in the treatment of mental health problems, like depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Britain recently launched a national Bibliotherapy scheme called “Reading Well Books on Prescription.” The books can be borrowed free of charge in every public library and the core list is available online.

To those looking for assisted Bibliotherapy, The School of Life is a great option. It operates throughout the globe, offering classes and one-on-one, therapy sessions in person.  These are available for kids, where the best and most appropriate books are selected for your child, and also for couples. In a Couples Consultation, the Bibliotherapists will help you work through difficult times and tackle any issues with a joint prescription which you can read and discuss together. They specialise in works of fiction but also prescribe select works of philosophy, poetry and other creative non-fiction. 


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