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BLOOM, for the first time in Portugal

A unique event organized by IM Magazine devoted to personal transformation, professional development and social intervention that gathers in one day more than 30 extraordinary experts and change makers from a variety of disciplines.

Bloom is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with other extraordinary people who are committed to changing themselves and the world around them for the better.

We believe that by sharing practical tools, stories and knowledge, we can hold each other to higher standards and build a support network that transcends topic area and geography.

Learn directly from a wide spectrum of experts in personal transformation. Make deep connections with other change-makers. Enjoy a space where you can connect, grow, move and play. Let yourself immerse fully in that experience. And when you walk away, well, we hope you will feel fully alive, connected with your dreams and a network, ready for a new way of life.


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Please choose the worshop you want to attend in each track (you also can prefer the topics in the philosophical café) and then send to us the 4 of your choices. The workshops have limited number, so guarantee your place by sending us your choices as soon as possible.


Here you can find all the information about our key note speakers.


See here the description of all the workshops.


10:00 (all)
Mandala Meditation – Carla Marcelo

The Mandala has been called the roadmap of the soul. They most often take the form of a circle and are symbolic of the infinite nature of the universe. And in fact, the word Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘sacred circle’. The creating of Mandalas can be found within many cultures and religions as an aid to meditation and for healing and spiritual development.    
Gazing at a mandala is a soul enhancing act and is a wonderful way to encourage relaxation, to open up your spirit, and connect to your own personal energies. 
Beyond that, this is a Sound Vibration Healing Meditation Circle where traditional healing instruments such as Tibetan bowls, crystal and other instruments are played to create a tapestry of sound waves that are beneficial for wellbeing.


Psychodrama/ Sociodrama – Manuela Maciel

There will be demonstrated through an experiential but also conceptually, the theory and methods of psychodrama and social drama. All participants will understand in a summary way the practical application of psychodrama and sociodrama in psychotherapy, education, organizational and community intervention.

Mindfulness (Search Inside Yourself) – Vasco Gaspar

The Search Inside Yourself  is the Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Google’s program, based on Mindfulness and supported by recent advances in the neurosciences that wants to help build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for peak performance and effective leadership.

Scrapbooking – Nuno Mendes Duarte (Oficina de Psicologia)

From a empty book to a book with your personal story to give you more tools to understand who you are and the world around you. In summary you will build  an autobiographical narrative in which you will see the resources of the past, embodiments of the present moment and a preview of the desired future.

Ludodependentes -Telmo Ramalho e Ana Pracaschandra

Unblock through the game. Ludodependentes have created a concept of training and coaching, adapted and personalized, that in “controlled environment” help people developing skills, undo locks and create favorable conditions to help people achieve their desired goals. They have conceived a platform for personal and professional development based on the expressive methodologies, the clown and improvisation techniques.

Philosophy Embodiment – António Gonzalez    

In this workshop, we will visit various components of historical and social constructions in the body of every participant. The place for creativity and spontaneity will nevertheless safeguarded.       

Design Thinking – Susana Branco

Design is a catalyst for innovation processes and development of new products and services. The process of Design Thinking is characterized by an approach to the problems that takes advantage of the “modus operandi” of designers. It is a creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary approach, human-centered and looking for people to innovate. In recent years this approach has been adopted by various organizations outside the sphere of design as a way to innovate processes, services and products. A presentation of the methodology will be made, and some case studies.

Art of Hosting – Njiza Rodrigo da Costa

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size.
The Art of Hosting offers a blend of some of the most powerful methods to create open and meaningful conversation that leads to commitment and good results, like Circle, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, ProAction Café, storytelling and more.

Enneagram – Eduardo Torgal

Enneagram is a system that provides you a knowledge about the 9 essences, and get to knowing the multiple personalities

Vocal theatre and choreographic – João Charepe

The approach to a broad concept through voice links between the body and the emotions, accessible to anyone who wants to understand and develop your voice.

The depth of the work allows the development of self-expression and creative potential freely and smoothly.

Conflicts Management – Katian Caria

Based on theoretical and practical knowledge of coaching and conflict mediation, will adopt a method of interactive exhibition based on the power of feedback and sharing group. Will also dinamizandos role plays that allow internalization of the concepts of experiential way.

(Leading Yourself) Communicate effectively discovering your behavioral type – Manuel Pelágio

Being effective in the art of relationship with others and with life requires of me the knowledge of my behavioral profile and my communication styles. I communicate effectively when I use the right tone, the right pace and the right words to each person / behavioral profile. What is my profile, how can I recognize others? Good relationships are only possible with proper communication every time.

Dynamic Theatre – Mark Wentworth & Filipe de Moura

Through Dynamic Theatre, will give life and explore the current economic and social crisis in Portugal. You will have the opportunity to see this situation in the amplitude of its various forms, the root of the problem will be made ​​visible but, above all, the action that each of us should take to be and to become the change we want to see in Portugal.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – Carla Afonso

For our life to thrive as a healthy and colorful garden, it is important to create a fertile ground, so that our beds objectives are stunning so lush and varied and adapted to the various stations we all go through.

Taking care of this garden involves sow dreams and goals of good quality; watering thoughts, positive beliefs and convictions unlimited; regularly refresh our identity with the celebration of small victories and encouraging words; fertilize with focus and determination our Life Purpose; prune all limiting internal dialogue that leave us without resources; boot of the earth, as if they were weeds, undesirable habits. Then just give more sunshine to our internal resources.

This is NLP is and we’ll talk about it.

Living astrology – Michelle Daya

In this workshop you will live astrology in an intense and fun way, delving into aspects that integrate the horoscope (elements, signs, planets) and thus feeling the power of heaven in body, heart and soul. All this, living through: music, dance, games, theater and more. Dare to learn astrology through bodily experience.

Dragon Dreaming – Virgílio Varela

Dreaming Dragon is a holistic method for undertaking creative, collaborative and sustainable projects. The application of the method promotes cultural transformation. It aims to reintegrate aspects like intuition and logic, the individual and his environment, thinking and acting, working and playing. The method is committed to strengthen community’s cooperation, teamwork and positive leadership while contributing to the personal growth of each individual.

Sustainable solutions to city life – Filipe Alves

Low-cost alternative, low-tech, progressive, creative, fun and simple solutions but with high impact on the transition to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in our day-to-day within the urban ecosystem that currently over 50% of us live. Testimonies of those living in transition, the knowledge and experiences of Urban Greenhouse Biovilla in a 1hr workshop focused on solutions and adaptations with the letter R with point of departure and arrival.

Positive psychology and happiness – Helena Marujo e Luis Neto

The study and leveraging the best of people and the people at its best has gained interest in the scientific community and civil society. In this movement called positive psychology, happiness and virtuosity have been the primary focus. But in a time of social and economic transformation that we live, happiness has to be addressed in a collective and relational, collaborative and fraternal vision, and therefore public, no longer as a  personal goal. In this workshop we will share the science and practice of dynamic and experiential way to integrate some strategies that may be useful to our lives.

Storytelling in business – José Seruya

 The stories allow learning. The successes and failures, dreams and disappointments, are stories whose protagonists have their own name and face.  Stories about who did it, as we did, because if he did, that difficulties and results, stir people. The stories serve the company to create frameworks that promote the alignment of people with their leaders, and especially systems that provide the greatest significance.

Authentic communication – Sophie Marie & Allan Sousa

Authentic or Nonviolent Communication begins by assuming that we all share the same basic human needs. It is a language and communication that aims at supporting the connection and empathic communication, and provides a path to clear, honest expression, as well as for deep listening to others. The intention is to remind ourselves of what we already know, about how we humans were meant to relate to between us and to help us to live in a harmonious way.

Personal development through Clown – José Sebastião
The Zen Clown Method is primarily a reconnection with who we really are in order, assuming truly what we feel at every moment, without masks or leaks, through games, dynamic dances and ancient meditative practices. Let us recall that at all times there is a portal to connect with our heart, the temple of our soul, consciously observing all that occurs in our body-mind without judgment and with compassion. With the technique of clown deconstruct all standards of integrity and separation that human society has been creating over the years and we believe in being true. Let’s rediscover who we are in essence.

Philosophical Café – Host: Nuno Libório

Personal Marketing – Frederico Cruzeiro Costa

We live in a time of great and constant change where information abounds and trends become global. This global market requires a new approach to our personal brand communication. Thus, it becomes essential to clarify what makes us different and special, to understand our unique attributes and communicating clearly our Promise of Single Value.

Neurociência, Psicologia Positiva e Tecnologia –  Pedro Ferreira

We are in full emergence of a new era centered in the brain, Neurocentric Age. Moved from the lab to the public space, being applied by doctors, advertisers, politicians and others to influence and revolutionize almost every aspect of our daily lives . New labels to new fields of knowledge appears where the prefix “neuro” is used to indicate the birth of a new interdisciplinary setting are neuroeconomics, the neurodidactics, neuroesthetics, Neurotheology and neurolaws.

School of failure – Raquel Martins

Conversations with errors, for those who insist on learning from mistakes and never miss fail because they are afraid to fail. This school where all errors are enjoying there is only room for error, try and fly … because here at school, “the error gives us wings”.

Caycedo method on concentration, imagination and memory – Ana Viega Cruz

Caycedian sophrology follows the phenomenological method as a form of knowledge of the person himself. The word phenomenology means “illuminate with its own light.” The sophrology is an experiential method, in which the person is invited to become aware of the Light of Consciousness and discovering the Essence of Being This is the proposal. Give space to the phenomenon … Living life under the gaze of Being Phenomenal that is in each of us …

Consciousness awakening for the ecology of being – Giancarlo de Aguiar

A meeting to discuss the ecology of being, in his understanding through Transpersonal Elements in Nature Awareness human consumption1. From the archetypal states, the concept of the unconscious in philosophy and psychology that theoretical gains greater relevance in the twentieth century with the Nature of the Human Psyche, classified into rational and irrational functions, both of which are essential to the culture of different peoples.

Dharma Marketing – Paulo Vieira de Castro

The crisis we are experiencing is the result of the greatest of all wars: the struggle for control of the human mind. This is the real reason that justifies spirituality and economics walk back to back. Is that live the most cerebral moment of human life, both sharing this secret. Money itself and consumer goods are dematerialized in the form of insights, experiences, concepts. Likewise, when misused, NLP, coaching, neuromarketing, hypnosis, advertising, spirituality effortlessly, …, competing for the same space manipulation. And we are losing our roots, our origins, our Being .. That’s why there are people on the street, angry, disgusted, able to die in defense of the obvious today. What is this world in which to be fair is to be crazy!? It is here that spirituality becomes unavoidable. Why would it be different in the business world?

Stand Up philosophy – HAPPINESS – Nuno Nabais


Trade for a living – Andresa Salgueiro

Andresa started a personal project to live one year, 11 days, 11 hours and 1 minute with € 1,111 and many exchanges with end date at December 21, 2012, when it decided to continue living exchanges as a way to life, in search of a more humane and happy life based on values ​​such as trust, altruism and sharing! At this point, the project that began in a personal way, is increasingly widening international fashion, as solidarity and human project being invited several times by the media as the most creative idea nationally the “anti-crisis”! This year, the project has expanded with broader social projects, such as a store exchanges in Torre Amado’s Business Center  in Coimbra, a cultural community house swap in Torres Vedras, a television program on trade in Lisbon; a book exchange and a car to carpooling hydrogen. A project to believe!

18:30 (all)
Biodanza – Terra & Fogo (Manuel Pelágio e Ana Teresa Silva)

Biodanza, the dance of life awakens our “joie de vivre” , our passion for life through a special fusion of selected music, dance and movement in a group.