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     Oct 3, 2014


Now our deep-sea deep garbage dump has a sustainable utility use.

Around 10% of the 100 million tons of plastic produced annually end up in the world’s oceans. You will have inevitably seen a plastic bottle floating in the sea, perhaps even at a blue flag beach. But what if we told you that that floating garbage could end up in your wardrobe? What if someone had had the idea of transforming it into blue jeans or a summer dress?

The idea came from the Dutch clothing brand G-Star, which wants people around the world to express their environmental concerns by wearing them.

The manufacturing process begins with  sorting the bottles. These are then milled and processed into textile fibers, and finally braided with polyester and used to make a fabric yarn.

Pharrell Williams is both the face of and brains behind the campaign, having designed the entire collection. In fact, the musician is also the creative director of Bionic Yarn, a company that transforms fibers made ​​from recycled plastic into durable textiles.


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