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Ana Pracaschandra

Feb 13, 2014 by


If there is a challenge for Ana it is talking about herself. She has always been used to asking the questions and always feels awkward when they’re directed at her.


Awkward when talking about herself, restless by nature, curious and always with a question up her sleeve; she is observant and prefers the guidance of the right half of her brain. Ana is an intuitive, emotional and passionate person, and can fall in love with 1001 things all at once.


She likes to think herself like an expert in multitasking which gives her the “power” of being distracted and attentive to everything at the same time.


Ana was born 28 years ago in the city of Lisbon. Curious from an early age to learn more about herself and others, she saw that she had a knack for asking questions and ended up with a degree in Social Communication.


She always had interest in the themes of the arts and psychology. Restless by nature and insatiably curious, she would eventually earn certification in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence (a field where she could finally apply her innate ability to “ask questions”) and later specialized in Expressive Methodologies Applied to Education, Community and Health in ISLA. His some-time student, she then, in 2011, became the training assistant of Diego Parra Duque (Colombia Katharsis’ partner and an expert on Innovation and Creativity) in a Creative Thinking module in Active Youth.


She has worked as a journalist on cultural topics in three online magazines. Ana has run several courses on ​​representation. Most recently has been studying ‘the art of the clown’ in Barcelona with Caroline Dreams (trainer of Cirque du Soleil performers), and Mick Barnfather in London. Ana has just been certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader by Dr. Madan Kataria School.


Ana believes in games and arts as a catalyst for development and change. Based on this idea, she founded a personal transformation, through play, project, together with Telmo Ramalho – Os Ludodependentes. She believes that the experience is the key to discovery, and being playful is an open door to improving the quality of life and human development.


Ana was over the moon at being offered the opportunity to work as a journalist with IM Magazine, which she believes is a great transformative and visionary project. She believes that, when we are aligned with our true essence, the Universe presents us with the power to realize our dreams. After all, isn’t that why we all came here? The beginning of her collaboration in IM was the beginning of a dream come true.