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Daniel Chang Yan

Nov 10, 2013 by


Of Chinese descent and born in Lisbon, after graduating in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering at IST, Daniel quickly learned that his passion was for bits and bytes, not electrons and protons. And so he forged his career as a computer programmer and technology consultant.


He has recently been named as one of the Top Executive Masters at Executive Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, INDEG-IUL, which opens new paths in programming and beyond. Outside his career, he’s a family man who enjoys traveling, watching movies and spending time with friends.


He loves windsurfing and sports in general, and never forgets to keep an eye out for his beloved Benfica. Following organizing various events between friends, in 2010 he was challenged with the creation of a kart racing tournament, and so Volta de Karts was created, an annual, amateur tournament where friends can compete against each other.