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Guiga Trancozo

Nov 8, 2013 by


Guiga Trancozo was born in Curitiba / PR – Brazil, 1988.


He inherited the interest in photography and his first cameras from his father, an engineer and psychologist.


The University of Communication (Advertising and Marketing), drew him to the study of photography and imagery, and, having completed his studies in 2009, he made the trip to Argentina which would result in his first exhibition, “Olhares ao Vento – Portraits of Patagonia Argentina” (AGO 2011), which was displayed in three different venues across Curitiba.


During this time, he also worked in the studio for a year and a half, producing books and reporting on events, and, 2 years ago, he came up with the “infinite background” to which creates various scenes with the natural light that appears in life. Today, Guiga photographs social events and portraits for a living, always seeking the inner glow of each individual he photographs. At the same time he develops his own personal work, which includes a documentation of the Sertão Northeastern part of Brazil, always with the possibility of future exhibits.