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Gus Benke

Nov 8, 2013 by

gus Benke

Gus Benke is a photographer, mystic and poet, connector and fuser of different worlds through the power of light. He looks at life from the heart of his soul, piecing together, adding, assembling and synchronizing.


He considers himself mystical because his photography is performed in the natural presence of God. A poet, because he celebrates the presence of God. And connected, because he undertakes research on that presence, through spiritual and scientific methodology.


He is working within a new consciousness. Cosmically-responsible photography brought into existence by everything that speaks to the heart.


Living in a multicultural environment in Curitiba Brazil, he has been building his own identity, moving harmoniously between various styles, and his work reflects a striking, kind personality, which sows the seeds of great artistic potential. (text Guilherme Kummer)