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Kathleen Holmlund

Nov 9, 2013 by


Kathleen is passionate about building community around brands, being them for profit or not for profit. She believes that the key to do this is through authentic and meaningful conversations both offline and online. The tech and digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed numerous online platforms that can help facilitate these types of conversations and engagement. What we say and how we converse on these platforms is of utmost importance if we are to gain the trust and loyalty of those who we wish reach and engage.

Kathleen is a digital media specialist with over 15 years communications experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors.

She worked for 5 years in the human rights arena in Washington DC managing substantial national media campaigns that included the use of multiple digital media platforms.

Since her return to Northern Ireland in 2010, she has worked with a number of clients ranging from sole-traders to multinationals as well as non-profits, and has conducted trainings and workshops on digital media across the UK and Ireland, the US, Czech Republic, Holland, and Portugal.