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Mary-Alice Arthur

May 15, 2015 by

MA 2013

Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist. She specialises in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues.  She has been in, and around, groups for as long as she can remember, keen to discover and empower the stories, visions, dreams and purpose that live behind the stated reason of people coming together.  She sees her art as creating and hosting spaces for wise action, where people can step in, step up and step out powerfully together, clear about their common foundation, committed to their highest aspirations and taking back the power of their stories.


She brings a love of powerful questions and the craft of creating compelling conversations to her gift of working with stories.  Narrative practice forms a key part of her work, focusing both on Storytelling and StoryWork and the emergent space in-between.  She has major projects to her credit demonstrating the power of narrative and facilitation to set the scene, establish the foundation and continue the integration of positive change. Her powerful results from a telecommunications merger project were written up in the book “Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results” (ed: Lori Silverman).


Mary-Alice’s work demonstrates her belief that our stories are the key to unleashing our knowledge, the wisdom is in the group, and that life is too short to have a boring meeting, an unchallenged imagination or an uninspiring conversation.  She is a powerful synthesiser and meaningmaker, valued for her insight and ability to make the complex understandable, the simple profound and the pathway clear.  People often say they love her stories, feel faith in groups again and feel well and wisely held.


She has developed and facilitated conferences and events for a wide variety of groups around the world and has attended hundreds more.  She is an inspiring and sought after presenter.


For almost 20 years she has been working with groups of all types and is an intentional nomad, working, contributing and living all over the world. She is an international steward of the Art of Hosting.


She likes to think about the big questions of life, provoke interesting conversations wherever she goes and to carry stories from the place where they happened to the place they are needed most.  She loves stories in every form and has probably seen that movie you are thinking of.  It would be true to say she hasn’t lived the ordinary life up until now and isn’t thinking of doing so in the near future.


You can see more about her work here: