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Maya Fuhr

Nov 24, 2014 by

Maya Fuhr is a canadian photographer, currently living in Toronto, with a unique vision of her unique world. Often shooting portraits of her friends, like Petra Collins or Mac DeMarco, she is constantly documenting her daily life.


Her work is composed out of an array of vibrant and colorful photos, mostly revolving around woman and woman’s figure. Her creations can also vary from conceptual contexts to fashion work.


Pretty is not always the goal as it is a certain kind of rawness. This visceral reality is what gives her photos its unique appeal, making you delay on each image and absorb all the feelings they entail. Garbage Girls (commissioned work for VICE) is an example of that, portraying young rebel woman at their messy rooms. She, amongst others like her, is shifting the world’s notion of prettiness by photographing imperfection as real beauty.


Her client list also include global brands like Adidas and MTV.


To see more of her work visit her website and facebook page.