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Mila Petrillo

Nov 8, 2013 by

Mila Petrillo

Her camera has recorded the most important events that involve education and citizenship in the past 15 years. She’s been in hundreds of NGOs and social programs to bring to us the colors and faces of brasilian children and youth.

A reader of Education already knows the work of photographer Mila Petrillo: for more than a year, the magazine has been publishing her images, including the Axé Project and the City School Apprentice.

Daughter of an advertising producer and painter, Mila grew between chemical tanks and had equipment available at all times. She started early, doing scene images and reproductions of works of art.

She has ​​photographed for police, shows and politics, but it was in the culture section of the newspaper Correio Braziliense where she honed her sensitivity in photographing children and adolescents.

This month, the work of Mila Petrillo was recognized by the News Agency for Children’s Rights (ANDI), entitled Child-Friendly Journalist, an award already granted to high-caliber professionals such as Clovis Rossi, Elio Gaspari and Sebastião Salgado. (text by Carolina Costa)