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Teresa Nogueira

Nov 9, 2013 by

Teresa Nogueira

1997 was a special year in Teresa Nogueira’s life. This was the year that she started, by chance, a career in journalism, with the entry as a intern in A Capital. Was in this newspaper, which left many memories, that Teresa fell in love with journalism under the guidance of senior Appio Sottomayor and then director Helena Sanches Osorio. In A Capital, Teresa completed the trainee period to get the professional license.

Then she was ready to fulfill her dream: to exercise journalism of causes and with humanity. Something that only was possible later. After newspaper A Capital follows the daily newspaper 24 hours, where despite the tabloid journalism, the camaraderie and character of comrades left excellent memories.

Then quickly came the great opportunity and adventure: an invitation in 2005 to work on Television station EuroNews, as pigiste, in Lyon. An invitation promptly accepted.

And so several years elapsed between Lisbon and Lyon, an international experience very rich and rewarding. But, amid the comings and goings, a small reference to the birth of IM Magazine did a click: finally was coming alive a publication that was her career dream: make a journalism of causes, a social journalism,  a positive journalism that could make the world better. This could not be left out. Promptly she became a collaborator of IM Magazine. Now IM Magazine is back and rebirthing and Teresa wanted to be present.

After five years away from journalism and working as a press officer, now she returns to journalism. And it only could be with IM Magazine!