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     Dec 19, 2014


A hair stylist spends his Sundays helping out those less fortunate.

30 year-old hair stylist Mark Bustosworks at an upscale boutique salon in Manhattan, where his services begin at $150. However, every Sunday — his only day off from work —, he takes to the streets in search of anyone living in poverty who needs a haircut but can’t afford to pay.


Mark started giving free haircuts to those in need in May 2012, after he traveled to the Philippines to visit his family. There, he paid the owner of a barbershop to hire out a chair and provide impoverished children with a new hairdo.


Back in New York, Mark sent The Huffington Post an email saying how the feeling had been so rewarding that he had decided to replicate the experience all over the city. He has already also given haircuts to the needy in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Los Angeles.


Mark always chooses open, well-used spaces like pavements, so that the public can see him. Then he approaches his customers with a simple phrase: “I want to do something nice for you today” and his girlfriend comes along and asks them if they would also appreciate some food.


He stresses that his main goal is to allow others to find inspiration in this act of charity and assess what they can do to help those less unfortunate than themselves as well.


See Mark’s work on his Instagram account.



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