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During 21 days you’ll be hearing

  • JOE DISPENZA (Neuroscience researcher and author) 
  • SIR KEN ROBINSON (International Education Advisor and author) 
  • MATTIEU RICARD (Buddhist monk and confidant of the Dalai Lama – considered the happiest man in the world) 
  • VAFA AKHAVAN (Executive Leadership | P&L Management) 
  • RUDIGER FOX (Gross Corporate Happiness Model creator) 
  • BARBARA FRIEDRIKSON (Leading Researcher on positive emotions) 
  • MARK WILLIAMS (Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre) 
  • DARREN SCHREIBER (Political Scientist)
  • BARBARA MARX HUBBARD (The world’s leading futurist) 
  • HAL GREGERSEN (Innovation researcher and author) 
  • MARC KIELBURGER (One of the world’s leading figures in youth empowerment) 
  • SATISH KUMAR (Peace and environment activist) 
  • PAUL DOLAN (Internationally renowned expert on happiness, behaviour and public policy) 
  • MIRIAM AKHTAR (Positive Psychologist ) 
  • MICHAEL STEGER (Awarded Researcher on the Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace)
and some more.
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