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James McSill

Mar 22, 2015 by

James McSill is the founder and CEO of the companies McSill Ltd, Assessoramento Literário; Yorkshire Studio Mentoring, Coaching e Treinamentos à distância para autores; and the McSill Agency.

Brasilian by birth, James thinks of himself as a “Portuguese citizen” and a citizen of “26 more countries”. His work as a literary consultant covers Europe, Latin America and North America.

Educator, lecturer, consultant. From the very beginning, his career revolves around language, texts and linguistics until the day he decides to leave his privilege position at his hiring agencies and decides to work as a freelancer. This way, he starts working closer with the authors: fomenting their own potential; helping with the structure of their texts; adapting them and turning them into more commercial projects; promoting their stories; and, finally, assisting with the selling process.

His curriculum is filled with initiatives like Task-based Learning, which proved to change the teaching scenario of foreign languages around the world. Recently, James adds to his achievements list the challenges of representing Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula at the BritWriters’ Awards, and the expansion of his project Book in a Box, a remote tutoring for young authors.

McSill is a certified mentor by The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE).