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Miguel Neiva

Mar 16, 2015 by

Miguel Neiva is the designer and mentor behind ColorADD.

As a child, Miguel experienced the feeling of isolation as he was forced to be hospitalized two different times. When the time came to go to college he knew he had to join two major questions: passion and utility. That’s how design made its way into his life, Design with a social factor.

During his master Miguel had the idea of creating a universal color code, which later came to revolutionize visual communication and, above all, the life of millions suffering with color-blindness.

Master in Design and Marketing, by The University of Minho, with a degree in Design, Visual Communication, Neiva is an invited professor at ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil; he was for several years the President of the Portuguese Design Association; and he was the first Portuguese Ashoka Fellow, an organization that identifies and supports ideas and people who are changing the world.

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