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Written by Angela Artemis      Jul 25, 2019


What is an intuitively inspired life?

To live an intuitively inspired life is to be aligned with your intuitive wisdom. When we are aligned with this wisdom, we naturally gravitate toward those activities that honor our authenticity. Our path and true purpose become clear as we allow intuition to lead us. Conventional thinking no longer sways us; rather, we are moved to share our true talents and gifts with the world in loving service.


Centering our lives upon this wisdom activates a blueprint within us that has been dormant since our birth. This blueprint contains our true potential and reveals the route we are to take to remember what our chosen mission is at this time. As we focus our lives on this mission, and on this guidance, we find the obstacles that held us back in the past begin to fall away. Questions we have had are answered, and all uncertainty we might have experienced about living within this new paradigm disappears.


The journey we take to fulfill our mission reconnects us to our joy and authenticity. We surrender and allow life to flow through us and take us to our next steps easily and effortlessly. We are infused with an energy that streams into us from an inexhaustible source. And, this life force energy carries us over the bumps in the road and headlong to the next steps on our quest. The flow of joy we receive by reconnecting to our authentic selves inspires us to live up to our full potential and greatness; we, in turn, inspire others to reconnect to their intuitive wisdom.


As we live each day, fully connected to our intuitive wisdom, we accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. The journey takes us down roads we never would have imagined we would take. We find ourselves enjoying our lives like never before. We surrender the emotional burdens that had us in knots—those that hindered us from living life fully. As a result we stop worrying so much and become more playful and open to this divine inspiration. By letting go of the need to control everything and moving with this flow we will find that we no longer have to go out and “get” the things in life we desire; rather, they begin to come to us and appear in our lives exactly when they are needed. When we align with our intuition we are resonating with the wisdom that created the Universe and our original purpose. It is this harmony that brings the world to us.


How your intuition brings the world and your dreams to you


When we learn to go within to look for answers and guidance, we are accessing the source of our very power and of everything that is made manifest in our world. This power runs in, around, and through everything in the entire universe. Without it animating us, our body is nothing more than a lifeless shell.


Greater Intelligence is an organized system whose only directive is the propagation of all life. If what you do supports life on Earth, the Universe is programmed to respond in only one way: by supporting you. When you are on the right path, have found your raison d’etre, and use it to help others thrive, you are in-tune with the prime directive of the Universe. Greater Intelligence conspires to help you because your actions support the same goal as the Universe. When you share your gifts and talents in loving service to the world, not only does Greater Intelligence open the way by supporting you, but it also floods your life with true joy, fulfillment, and abundance.


When aligned with this power we also find, or “remember,” our true purpose; the world comes to us simply because we are on track according to the blueprint of our lives. The blueprint contains a framework for the experiences we will learn and benefit from. When we are on schedule based on this blueprint the world appears to come to us; it seems as if we are always in the right place at the right time. All that is really happening is that we showed up at the scheduled place of delivery. The point of getting in touch with our intuition is to reconnect to our mission and then begin to show up at the places and events that will actualize our purpose.


Why else would we feel so good about being in certain places and being around certain people we have never met before in this lifetime?


How many times have you met someone and felt as if you had known them throughout your life? When this happens it was meant to happen. You showed up on time in the right place according to the blueprint of your life.


When our lives are full of discord and disharmony it’s simply because we are out of alignment with our purpose. We stopped following the blueprint and are now lost. When we go within and allow the Universe to direct our journey, we will find our way and return to the right path. What seem like “miracles” and fortunate and meaningful coincidences will commence.


The secret sauce in life


Those people who are living their passion and have found their purpose usually lead extraordinary lives. They seem to be blessed, or to have a special aura or energy toward which others gravitate. We watch them in amazement as they accomplish all sorts of marvelous things that we only dream of doing. They have what I call a “fabulousity factor”: a direct result of tuning in and living their lives according to the plan they that were meant to follow. They have activated the pure potential within and are living up to that potential fully. They are living their lives “on purpose,” and it shows. Everything seems to come so effortlessly to them. When they do encounter “dark clouds,” they somehow always find the answers or help they need to come out of it and to find that “silver lining” in all their experiences. You also can have this sensational aspect to your life when you listen to your intuition and get back on the right track in your life by following the path you were meant to follow.


Time for a Pop Quiz!

You are probably much more intuitive than you give yourself credit for.


Take this quiz to see how intuitive you are right now:

1. Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it?
2. Do you sometimes get a “knowing” sense about things before
they happen?
3. Have you heard talking, or your name being called, just before you fall asleep or wake up?
4. Do you find that you know what people are going to say and can finish their sentences?
5. Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach for no reason and then heard about something happening and they subsided?
6. Are you kind of lucky? Do things have a way of working out for you in your life?
7. During sleep have you experienced being “jarred” or a feeling of
falling and landing on the bed?
8. While in the shower or walking in nature, do answers to problems come to you?
9. Do you have dreams that give you information or solve problems?
10. Have you ever had a dream or premonition of a future event that later occurred?
11. Have you ever “heard” the answer to a problem?
12. Do you prefer to skip the directions when putting something to-
gether and it always turns out fine?
13. Are you aware of a buzzing, tingling, or itchy feeling on your forehead or top of your head?
14. Are you constantly generating ideas for projects and creative pur- suits?
15. Do you prefer to take the path less traveled and do things your way rather than the conventional way?
16. Have you ever seen something in your mind’s eye, like a vision of an event, before it happened?
17. Do you get vibes about people that turn out to be true?
18. Do you have an uncanny knack for finding your way without
maps or a GPS?
19. Are you aware of a certain faith and trust that you will always be
okay no matter what?
20. Do you pick up on the emotions of the people around you?


Give yourself five points for each affirmative answer.

If you scored:

0–25: you may be living in your head too much. Do all the exercises in this book. Time to start paying attention to the intuitive signals you receive.
26–50: Your intuition is active, but a bit of practice with the exercises in the book could kick you into the next level.
51–70: You are probably aware that you are quite intuitive and have already been working on developing your abilities.
71 and above: You are very sensitive and could become quite psychic with a little practice.

So how did you do? Do you need some improvement or are you “there” already? Regardless, reading and doing the exercises in this book will open you up much further to receive intuitive guidance.


Angela Artemis works with frustrated coaches tired of working way too hard for too few clients who want to stop doubting themselves so they attract more clients and more money while feeling authentic and confident in the process. To know more about her, click here.


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