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Written by Angela Artemis      Jul 22, 2019


When you live an intuitively inspired life, the world will come to you.


Does exerting less effort to accomplish your goals appeal to you?

Are you tired of over-thinking everything and still feeling unsure about making the right choice?


If you answered yes to either of these questions then you might want to think about developing your intuition and psychic abilities, also known as extrasensory perception or the sixth sense.


When I was younger I wasn’t in touch with my intuition. I was afraid to trust it and follow my dreams of becoming a writer. I came to write this book because not being in touch with my intuition ultimately stifled my growth and happiness. I felt called to share with others the lessons I learned in my search to reconnect to my intuition. I hoped my experience might save others from going through what I had; I wasted so much time pursuing the wrong path.


You wouldn’t know it from your everyday life, but you are much more extraordinary than you think you are. Your consciousness exists on many more levels than you are aware of and has access to an infinite realm of intelligence at all times. When you access this Greater Intelligence1 and infinite source of creativity, you become better at solving problems and making decisions, which contributes to your success in life. Developing and using your intuition is a very practical skill to have.


Intuition, which includes psychic ability, opens up a wider range of thought processes. You are able to tap into what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung2 called the “collective unconscious,”3 and what I refer to as Greater Intelligence. Jung’s “collective unconscious” presupposed that humanity had access to a vast storehouse of universal knowledge. This field of greater intelligence is the source of true knowledge. When you tap into the collective unconscious you will spontaneously begin to receive answers to questions that have been plaguing you for a very long time.


Learning to use your extrasensory perception expands your mind by connecting you with your true creative nature and your infinite potential. It doesn’t take all that long to hone your abilities and learn how to tap into your intuition either. Learning to use this natural ability is effortless and fun.


Most people never fully utilize their extrasensory perception. Our culture doesn’t value this way of acquiring knowledge. We were sent to schools and told to memorize facts and mathematical formulas. All that mattered was quantifiable knowledge. Intuition, though, is an innate intelligence that everyone is born with. Once you begin to develop it you will see how quickly it all comes back to you—not unlike riding a bike. You never forget.


Living authentically


When you are in touch with your intuition you are also in touch with your authenticity. The authentic you is the pure and unbridled potential deep inside of you which, like the acorn, has the potential to become a mighty oak if tended with care. Your authentic self is who you are meant to be. It is who you can become if you trust and allow this potential to manifest. You have to dig deep to reconnect to the authentic you. But first you must learn to trust and follow your intuition.


Your intuition is like your own personal inner guidance system. It will guide you to where you are supposed to go in this life if you let it. When you are connected to your intuition you are joyous. Your life flows. You cannot be swayed by others or conventional wisdom, following them just for the sake of following. You become the leader in your own life, the authentic you who is truly connected to your divine mission and true purpose.


You are here at this time for a purpose. You have a mission in this life and, by reconnecting to your intuition, it will become clear. It will enable you to fulfill your destiny. Your intuition is the voice of your own guidance that will help you find your mission and true purpose.


You will gain insights into why you have had difficulties up until now. And you will understand why certain people are in your life. You will see that even difficult relationships have their place by teaching you life lessons. Your life will finally make sense, and you will understand the broader meaning behind all that you have gone through. All the false lay- ers you have been hiding under will finally fall away, and you will find your true self —the brilliant self you were meant to be.


Your authentic self cannot be maintained unless you establish your connection to Greater Intelligence, which speaks to you through your in- tuition. To ignore the voice of your intuition is to be disconnected from your source. If you allow others to influence you, undermine you, or if you start to second guess yourself, you begin to sever this delicate new connection. When you start to listen to other people over your intuition, you get mixed up and tripped up. You begin to flounder and no longer feel connected to that inner fire, zeal, and zest for living. You are on your own and under your own very exhaustible steam, cut off from the benefits of this magnificent source.


The secret to having a life that flows is to be guided by this intelligence. When you follow your intuition you have access to an infinite supply of wisdom, creativity, and love. This infinite source will never run out. But you, the human being, can run out of power and find yourself tired and burned out. You can get depressed, down, scared, lost, mixed up, or lose enthusiasm for what you are doing. When Greater Intelligence fuels your efforts, you never encounter any of these problems because you have tapped into the infinite power that created you—the power that knows more than you do.


It takes confidence to be open to this intelligence directing your life. When Greater Intelligence leads the way you follow your intuition and prove that you are strong enough to resign control, no longer basing your decisions on fear. When intuition leads you Greater Intelligence comes in to fill you up. You will never find yourself feeling depleted again—depletion is impossible when you are continually fueled by your intuition. This is the secret to reaching and living your greatness. This intuitive wisdom will inspire you so that you will easily find your way back to the path upon which you were meant to tread.


You have a mission and life plan that contains the unique life lessons you need to learn in order to round out and strengthen your character. You might have to learn how to have harmonious relationships or how to support yourself financially. You may have to learn how to love un- conditionally or how to deal with pain and challenges. All those reasons will remain unclear until you learn to tap into your intuition. You have got to be able to hear and trust Greater Intelligence to get back on track and awaken from the dream you have been living. This is when you will start really living.


You will never live your authenticity until you partner with your intuition. When you start working with it, instead of shutting it out, a healing will take place in your life. You will no longer allow others to take over your life and control you. You will begin to make wiser choices based on what is right for you—not what is right for anyone else. The people closest to you will sense the changes that have taken place within you immediately. You will allow family members to learn and make their own mistakes without feeling that you have to rush in and save them. You will become a great example to those around you; they will want to listen to their inner guidance as well.


Your self-reliance will stand out and inspire them, as will the resoluteness of your convictions, your confidence, and the strong belief in yourself. As you become who you were meant to be, those around you will learn that they, too, can find and achieve their greatness by emulating you. Your children will learn from you how to be in touch with their authentic selves, and they will pass that it on to their children. This cycle will eventually move throughout the world and become a mainstream principle. When that occurs we will see that it has changed our world for the better.


*Excerpted from The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of 

1 – Authors note: I use the term Greater Intelligence in place of “creator” or God.

2 – Funk&Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia Online, s.v. “Jung, Carl Gustav.”

3 – “Collective unconscious,” accessed July 23, 2011, EBSCOhost.



Angela Artemis works with frustrated coaches tired of working way too hard for too few clients who want to stop doubting themselves so they attract more clients and more money while feeling authentic and confident in the process. To know more about her, click here.


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