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Since it’s inception and over time, IM Magazine has created a partnership network throughout the world of Foundations, Institutes, NGO’s and organizations  that are committed to making this world a better place.

In different ways and at one time or another, they’ve shared knowledge with us and identified best practices that could be interesting for IM magazine to cover. That’s how IM Magazine was able to cover important social causes, innovative projects, the most successful change makers, communities and organizations helping people do good or take collective action, etc.


IM Magazine has reached people in more than 145 countries, with its articles and interviews helping to raise awareness about people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, equitable, healthy and fulfilling world.


See what our partners and friends say about IM Magazine:


“IM Magazine is one of the leading media projects that provide such culturally transformative news”.

Dr. Daniel Wahl, International Futures Forum & Bioneers Global  

“IM Magazine is the expression of productive change done with style and joy!”

Pedro Tarak, Co-founder Emprendia  

“It’s rare to come across digital media that is as compelling and as richly evocative as IM Magazine.”

Jack Heath, Executive Director and Founder of the Inspire Foundation  

“The work of IM Magazine is a refreshing antidote to the usual headlines based on pain, fear and anger.”

Tom Cummings, CEO Leading Ventures  

“IM Magazine has been constantly committed to push boundaries of knowledge and aesthetics for a sustainability agenda”.

Alejandro Litovsky, Co-founder and Director of the Earth Security Initiative  

“IM Magazine is one of those springs of creative “positiveness”, a lighthouse for islands of hope”.

Professor Anwar Fazal, Director Right Livelihood College, (Alternative Nobel Prize)  

“Brilliant, innovate, inspiring. IM Magazine is singular in its scope with regards to how we are re-imagining our relationship to each other and the world”.

Paul Hawken, Founder of the Natural Capital Institute, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author  

“IM Magazine continues to impress us with its inspiring design and attractive presentation of people, ideas and projects”

Michael A. Lafond, Director of Institute for Creative Sustainability  

“It’s important to have a place like IM Magazine where innovation, creativity and positive change make front page news”

Maria Zapata, Director of International Operations (Europe) of Ashoka  

“IM Magazine is an ambitious endeavour aimed at bringing good ideas to good people”

Hans Henrik Knoop President, European Network for Positive Psychology  

“I really appreciate and love IM Magazine. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing!!!!”

Christopher Kinman, Family and Community Therapy  

“Every time, IM Magazine’s journalists manage to perform a brilliant job of identifying, interviewing and filming some of the most pioneering innovators.”

Marcello Pallazi, Founder Progressio Foundation  

“Being myself convinced of the vital necessity of lasting and more human news, I’m happy to find echo in IM Magazine.”

Françoise Schöller, journalist TV Channel France3


And please find out the work our friends are doing, by visiting their website: Avina Foundation, Gulbenkian Foundation, Progressio Foundation, Futuro Latino Americano Foundation, Right Livelihood Award Foundation, INSEAD, Vita Europe, IES, Stone Soup consulting, Elos Institute, Dianova, TESE, Unipaz, Oikos, Make a Wish, GRACE, Centro de Estudos de Conflito (CEC), Social Design Site, APSI, CRE Porto, Movimiento Agua e Juventud, Sogeplan, Engenho e Obra, Portal do Empreendedor, EFFEKT, Condomínio da Terra, Programa Escolhas, Centro Comunitário de Carcavelos