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     Dec 10, 2013

vip_artigo_rinzing kelsang

VIP Group: Where the positive transformations happen.

When there’s more crying than laughing, when sadness and apathy take the place of energy, or when problems seem insurmountable, the VIP group wades in. This project plays with the original meaning of VIP– very important person- and redefines it as ‘ Values, influences and projects ‘, with a network of action where positive transformations happen.
Based on the principles of positive psychology, the VIP group likes to see the glass half full. Through altering-perception techniques, revitalizing stories and the sharing of experiences, VIP teach people how to understand different personal projection methods and to look for new ways forward.

To learn more about this project and its stories, read the article previously published in IM Magazine (written by psychologist and teacher Helena Águeda Marujo and with design by Rui Matos).


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