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     Nov 7, 2014


A new iPhone App that allows you to share your leftovers.

There are one billion starving people in the world. However, in Europe alone, 100 million tonnes of food are thrown away each and every year. And in the United States, 40% of all the food produced is never eaten. These are the main conclusions of the latest report from the expert panel of the UN Committee on World Food Security, which was released in June.


In rich countries, supermarkets, the catering industry and consumers are responsible for majority of food waste. In the UK, recent studies have shown that households throw away around 4 million tonnes of perfectly good and edible food every year.


Spain is also one of the EU’s biggest food wasters. Last year, the Spanish Department of Agriculture introduced their “More Food, Less Waste” strategy, which aims to reduce food wastage in Spain by 50% by the year 2025. The first step was the change from “expiry date” to “best before” on yoghurt labels. 


But the revolution must begin in your fridge too. Have you recently had a house party and still don’t know what to do with the leftovers? Are you spending the weekend away from home and have extra food in the fridge that might go off? Ratatouille will help you find someone who’ll be happy to take it off your hands (before it goes in the bin).


No, we’re not referring to the cute rat in a chef’s hat (of course he’d eat it all himself, if he could); we’re talking about Ratatouille, a free iPhone App designed and developed by Italian designers Elena Bertolin, Giorgia MarendaMatteo Rosati and Luca Milan that allows people to share excess perishable foods with other App users.


To access this community virtual fridge, users simply have to upload a photo of their food, enter a description, and arrange a drop-off location.


The idea came out of an event called Hackathon, in which computer programmers, designers, and other tech experts collaborated on software projects. Ratatouille won the top prize.


According to an announcement on the App’s Twitter, it currently has about 1000 users.


Cool, huh?!




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