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     Dec 30, 2014


A brilliant public awareness ad to really make us think.

Earlier in 2014, a digital advertisement for hair-care products, which was shown on the Swedish subway system, garnered a lot of attention for its interesting new approach – showing a woman’s hair blowing in the wind whenever a train arrived.


Well, recently, the same concept had inspired another catchy display… The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has created a version of their own for their new ‘hair-raising’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of and highlight some of the devastating effects that cancer has on kids.


If we watched the commuters looking at the ad, at first, we’d see everyone laughing, as the hair of the people in the advert flutters as each subway passes by. But then their smiles would fade away. The image of a 14-year-old Linn stares out of the poster bald and blinking sadly. We’d see the people on the subway dumbfounded. And, at the end of video, there is a message, a call for action, asking people to text in and donate 50 Kronor (around £5).

In Sweden alone there are around 1,000 children and young people in treatment for cancer, with over 300 new cases diagnosed every year.




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