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Who are we?

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IM Magazine was founded in 2008 by Ana Teresa Silva, journalist and writer, with the collaboration of other committed journalists, designers, web developers and experts in a whole host of different areas.  


Please click here to meet the former team members and collaborators that contributed to IM Magazine’s first five years. Please note that (as time goes by) some of the biographies you’ll find will be out of date.  


The new IM Magazine counts on the expertise of journalists, storytellers, filmmakers, image artists, life lovers and experts from different professional areas. Meet our current team and amazing collaborators.


IM Magazine’s renaissance is due to each one of them. This is a collaborative project. And when people get together like this, beautiful things happen. The language of giving comes alive. In other words, we try our best to provide  original online content that can inspire you to “make your own personal revolution” and unleash all your potential on the path to happiness and to a better world.  


IM Magazine also relies on wonderful interviewees. At the moment we have online only a few of the hundred-plus interviews that enriched our days. So, if you stick with us, you’ll find new interviews all the time with beautiful insights and incredible stories.




IM Magazine is an independent platform for international news that covers projects, leading practices, ideas, people and organizations that are making a positive impact in the world.  

 Now it’s also provides inspiration in the areas of Professional Development and Personal Growth.  


After five years of interviewing extraordinary people who are making a difference in the world, we are bringing the highlights of those interviews to the public. These are personal, and often emotional interviews that showcase courage, authenticity, resilience, vision, true leadership, love, kindness, compassion, stories of transformation and of the fulfilment of dreams. These are moments that bring hope and inspiration to our lives.  


Human Progress, Innovation, Education and Sustainability are some of the major focuses of IM Magazine,  in addition to personal and professional growth towards the goal of authentic self-expression (IM = I am).